Mallet SPS-200

  • Dimensions:48” Tx22” Wx18” D
  • Weight:110 Pounds
  • Build Material:304SS
  • Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4X
  • Power Requirement:120 VAC
  • Air Requirement:Constant Draw, 40PSI minimum
  • Fluid Vessel:Pressure Pot, 3 Gallon Capacity,304SS
    • Additional Sizes Available Upon Request:1 Gal & 5 Gal
  • Nozzle:Atomizing & Non-Atomizing Hydraulic Options
    • Fluid Flow & Tip Options Available
      • Flat,Round, and Angled Spray Patterns
    • Single Trigger for Continuous Spray
  • Working Spray Products:Water-Based, Oil-Based, Mineral Oil
Main Properties
FunctionsRelease Agents, Oil & Water-based
Markets Bakery
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