Mallet Model 484 Trough Greasing System

System Features:
  • 5:1 ratio air operated pump
  • Stainless steel double acting air operated pump
  • Air regulator and gauge
  • Quick disconnect air nipple and coupling
  • Product strainer with 20 mesh screen
  • 20 ft. Teflon product hose protected on the outside with braided stainless steel cover
  • Light weight spary gun with 2 spray tips
  • Stainless steel spray tip with tip protector
  • Self cleaning tip assembly
  • Double-acting pump provides reliable fluid flow
  • Made in the U.S.A.
System Benefits:
  • Pumps material directly from 55 gal. drum. Thereby eliminating unsanitary & unsafe conditions in the usage area.
  • In-line filter to prevent clogging.
  • Sprays troughs quickly and economically.
  • Safe - sanitary operation.
  • In-line filter to prevent clogging
Available Options:
  • Multiple station systems available.
Service Requirements:
  • 1/4” Air Supply @ 30 P.S.I.
Main Properties
FunctionsTrough Greasing System
Markets Bakery
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