Amarna MicroPulse Spray System

Amarna Spray System Benefits:
  • Designed specifically for Amarna's water-based release agents. 
  • Custom built for the target application and customer's existing equipment. 
  • Designed for low maintenance and low total cost of ownership. 
  • Comprehensive manuals for operations and maintenance. 
  • Excellent service and support.
  • Proven track record. 
MicroPulse Features:
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ PLC.
  • Allen-Bradley Operator Interface (HMI).
  • Filtration system to prevent clogging of spray nozzles. 
  • Programmable to allow custom application rates for different products. Supports 20+ recipes per line.
  • Precision application for limited overspray. Operates at low pressures without air atomization.
The Flexibility of MicroPulse 
The MicroPulse Spray System has been designed as a modular system to allow it to be installed in many different environments. This design paradigm creates the flexibility necessary to match various customer requirements. Some highlights include: 
  • Stand alone controller or controls built into existing computing.
  • Expandable - able to control multiple spray bars/locations. 
  • Stainless steel components by default, other options available. 
  • Can be installed on most types of existing equipment.
Main Properties
ApplicationsBread, Cereals, Snacks, Fruits and Vegetables
FunctionsTargeted Spray System for Water-Based Release Agents
Markets Bakery , Cereals , Fruits and Vegetables , Meat
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