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Farming Capabilities

Through continuous investment and improvements, Vantage is strengthening its position as the global leader of sustainable jojoba oil.

Natural Oils - Snapshot on Jojoba

  • The global leader with major Jojoba farms in the northern and southern hemispheres, with farms in the United States and Argentina, along with Jojoba processing facilities in Arizona and Ohio in the United States and in Argentina
  • Organic jojoba available

2012: 1st farm in Arizona​
2015: Majority share in Argentina farm​
2016: 2nd farm in Arizona ​- Increased safety stocks​
2018: Major investment in Arizona’s facilities to upgrade them to latest quality and safety standards.​
2019: Active ingredients from Jojoba​
2019: New employee housing, 100% renewable electricity usage, 100% ground mineral water replenishment​

Fully Secured Supply Chain

Major Investments made to be the most reliable and consistent jojoba supplier.


Commitment to Sustainability

Water Management


Land, Energy and Waste Management


People and Communities


Natural Oil Processing - Textron

Textron™ is a leading manufacturer, processor and specialty formulator of natural oils for the personal care, food and chemical industries. Located near Barcelona in Granollers, Spain, Textron™ is focused on supplying high quality, natural oils out of a new, state-ofthe-art manufacturing facility that sources oils and seeds from all over the world.

The combination of the expertise developed by Vantage™ and Textron™ has created a fully integrated supplier of natural oils, with a complete offering ranging from botanical oils traceable From Farms to Formulations™, pure vegetable oils and the Evoil™ range of optimized oils, providing beauty brands with a full range of options for their natural formulations.
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