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Vantage Performance Materials™

Vantage Performance Materials™, formerly Lambent Technologies, is a manufacturer of high-quality, naturally-derived specialty chemicals and intermediates for a broad range of industrial and consumer applications.

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Vantage Performance Materials™' strengths are in surfactants, emulsifiers, performance additives, and other specialty blends synthesized using esterification and alkoxylation chemistries. 

Along with unparalleled technical support, Vantage Performance Materials™ also custom manufactures intermediate and finished products for strategic customers in its core markets.

In recent years, Vantage Performance Materials™ has optimized its portfolio of oleochemical derivatives and specialty silicones to better serve customers in its key market areas.  These key market areas include food and food processing, oilfield, and lubricants and metalworking, water treatment, polymers and colorants, household industrial and institutional (HI&I) and surface treatment technologies.  Using its expertise in synthesis, product development, processing, and applications development, Vantage Performance Materials™' strategy is to continue to further expand its portfolio and application knowledge in each key market to provide its customers with innovative products and technical support.

Vantage Performance Materials™ addresses unmet needs in the marketplace by delivering innovative as well as industry standard solutions.  To lubricant and metalworking formulators, Vantage Performance Materials™ is well known for its line of plant-derived, biodegradable raw materials.  Polymer and colorant customers rely on Vantage for performance additives that are approved for direct or indirect food contact. Vantage Performance Materials™ specializes in additives that are Kosher, Halal, allergen-free, and non-GMO for food industries. Vantage Performance Materials™ has a new focus on the oilfield industry as we develop specialty surfactants, additives, and blends for a wide range of applications. Vantage Performance Materials™ is also a global supplier of paint and coating removers, fully formulated process cleaning solutions and other surface treatments for the aerospace, electronics, and high-reliability industrial markets. In HI&I, our specialty silicone additives are used to create unique surface finishes.
Together with our technical expertise, flexible manufacturing capabilities, empowered customer service team, and commitment to responsible sourcing, Vantage Performance Materials™ is a trusted partner in specialty chemical manufacturing.

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