Our line of adjuvants act as emulsifiers, carriers, stabilizers, and humectants in a variety of applications, such as crop protection, seeds, tobacco spray, turf and ornamental. For crop protection applications, Vantage offers three types of activator adjuvants: non-ionic surfactants, penetrators, and humectants. Non-ionic Surfactants cut through the waxy leaf layer and increase the surface area of the spray droplet. Carrier oils help penetrate the adjuvant into the leaf and Glycerin acts as a humectant for the plant.  Adjuvants can either be used as in-can adjuvants, included in the pesticide, or tank-mix adjuvants; which is a separate product added to the tank. In tobacco spray, our adjuvants are used as sucker control additives to allow the active ingredient to be distributed in the correct location on the plant.

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