Lubricants for automotives play a critical role in operating a vehicle and to reduce the friction between moving parts.

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Compressor Lubricants

Specialty additives improve the removal process of heat and improve sealing for compressors.

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Food Grade

These lubricants are approved to be used in food processing applications, equipment, and plants.

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These semisolid lubricants need chemical additives in order to emulsify the grease.

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Hydraulic Fluids

Specialty additives help hydraulic fluids act as a sealant, coolant, and lubricant within machiney and equipment.

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Industrial Metalworking Fluids

These ranges of oils are used to cool and lubricate metal pieces that are being machined.

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Industrial Oils

These are used to manufacture lubricating greases, motor oils, and metal processing fluids.

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Process Oils

Specific manufacturing processes require process oils in a range of chemical and technical industries.

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