Environmental Clean Up

Removal of pollutants and contaminants are critical in order to maintain a sustainable environment. Vantage surfactants are added to various remediation formulations to stabilize these emulsions and to maximize the performance of emulsified vegetal oil formulations used in biostimulation applications

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Vantage surfactants are used as the building blocks of water soluble polymers, such as polyacrylamide based chemistry that are used in coagulants, flocculants, and sludge dewatering processes to aid in the water treatment process. Coagulants are formulated with Vantage surfactants to optimize separation and to collect contaminants. Flocculants are also formulated with Vantage surfactants as building blocks to fix these destabilized particles and increase the size of the particles using a high molecular weight material. Formulating with Vantage surfactants can improve the performance of your coagulants and flocculants, as well as improve efficiency in your polyacrylamide-based chemistry needs.

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