Completion & Cementing

Preparing a well for further processing, such as drilling, production, or abandonment.

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Our surfactants are used as secondary emulsifiers and are used for lubricity, promoting oil wetting, and imparting rheology in drilling muds.

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Our facility in Englewood, Ohio has expertise in developing and manufacturing microencapsulation and delivery system technologies for a variety of industries including oil & gas.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

High-performing surfactant ingredients assist in the enhanced recovery of an oil reservoir. These serve as building blocks in water and oil based polymer formulations. Considering environmental variables, such as pressure or temperature, are critical in order to choose the correct surfactant.

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A liquid fatty acid is used as a wetting agent along with other chemistry.

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During the hydraulic fracturing process, in gelled fluid systems , our surfactant ingredients are used to disperse guar powder. Our surfactants are the building blocks in the manufacture of friction reducers (polyacrylamides). This product portfolio includes sorbitan esters, polysorbates, EO/PO Block Copolymers, and many more.

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