Vantage STT is a leading global provider of cleaning solutions, coating removers and surface treatment solutions for military, space, commercial and general aviation markets.  Product portfolio range includes:  Aircraft Paint Removers, Aircraft Exterior Cleaners, Temporary Protective Coating (TPC) Removers, Corrosion Inhibiting Compound Removers, Manual Hand-Wipe Cleaners, Gas Path Turbine Engine Cleaners, Special Process Cleaners and Cleaners for Avionics/Electronic Components. 

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Vantage STT is a leading global provider of high reliability metal cleaners, including applications for the removal of greases, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, masking and fixturing waxes, adhesive residues, corrosion inhibiting compounds, buffing and polishing compounds, and general purpose clean-up.  Vantage also provides the power generation and utility companies with both solvent and aqueous gas path turbine engine cleaners for both online and offline cleaning.

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Vantage STT is a leading global provider of process cleaning solutions and surface treatments for the electronics circuit assembly market. Our product portfolio consists of inline and batch spray defluxers, immersion and ultrasonic defluxers, manual defluxers, vapor degreasing solutions and stencil and misprint cleaners.

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