Vantage Acquires Cocopah’s Organic Jojoba Farm
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Vantage is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of one of the largest jojoba farms located in Arizona. Purchased from Cocopah Nurseries, the farm is comparable in size to Vantage’s nearby existing farm which was acquired in 2012 when Vantage purchased the Desert Whale Jojoba Company. Vantage also has an existing jojoba farm in Argentina, one of the world’s largest, of which it became a majority owner in 2015.

The farm purchase represents a substantial investment, allowing Vantage to further expand its organic jojoba growing capabilities – potentially more than quadrupling its organic seed production in Arizona. It also re-affirms the company’s commitment to growing its business as a reliable global supplier of sustainable jojoba products.

World’s Only Vertically-Integrated Jojoba Supply Chain
Vantage is the world’s largest jojoba grower and ingredient producer, with a leading global position in jojoba-based products for use in personal care and cosmetics. It is the only vertically-integrated supplier owning every step in the jojoba supply chain – from farming to oil extraction to derivatives production.

Vantage offers a broad jojoba product line, called Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives -- high quality, naturally-derived, sustainable solutions for creating innovative finished beauty products. Made with highly stable and versatile liquid wax esters that are extracted from jojoba seeds, similar to esters found naturally in skin’s sebum, Desert Whale Jojoba Oil + Derivatives have exceptional properties and broader functionality compared to other plant-based ingredients.

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