The Farm Connection is Margarita’s Story—and Ours
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Margarita Gomez-Nadin, Regional Account Manager for Vantage Personal Care™ in California, holds a strong connection to her family’s farming history. Farming was a way of life for her father who was a migrant farm worker prior to her birth, as well as for her mother who came from a dairy farm family in Mexico. Together, they raised Margarita and her siblings in the U.S. and grew corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon trees and other kinds of vegetation in the backyard.  

As an adult, Margarita is proud to have a career with a company that also has farming values. Vantage’s Farms to Formulation™ initiative is an end-to-end process—from growing jojoba on our farms in Arizona and Argentina to creating jojoba derivatives for our beauty and personal care customers.  

The sustainability of jojoba as an ingredient in beauty and personal care products also has a parallel with Margarita’s life. She dreamed of helping with the “Save the Whales” environmental movement at a young age. Now she sells jojoba oil, which grew popular in the 1970s as an extraordinary replacement for whale oil. 

Vantage offers a complete range of jojoba oil grades, from standard to organic, virgin, golden and colorless, as well as more than 70 jojoba derivatives. Our line of jojoba includes jojoba esters, butters, Jojoba Aqua™ 120 Co-surfactant, DW Jojoba Milk and Desert Milk™, Jojoba Glaze™ Gelling Agents, Lipobead™ Golden Pearl with Desert Whale Jojoba encapsulants, and Jojoba Scrubeads™. 

“Vantage encompasses a lot of the things that were a passion of mine growing up,” Margarita said, sharing how it’s an honor to provide for herself and her family with a similar connection to the farm as her father did for his family. 

Margarita and Dad
Margarita proudly wears her father's jacket

Margarita shares photos of her mother, Gudelia and father, Victoriano and major milestones in her life. 

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