Skilled Trades Day Shows off Top Trade Talent
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National Skilled Trades Day honors those who work in a multitude of trades, which at Vantage™ includes mechanics, engineers, technicians and more. Our skilled tradespeople make up a large percentage of our global workforce and are essential to the success of our company.

On the 2021 National Skilled Trades Day, which was May 5, a few of our skilled trades professionals at Vantage Oleochemicals™ in Chicago explained what they do. They spoke proudly of their work and are always looking to improve their skills through working together, training and on-the-job experience.

Daniel Mateja, Maintenance Technician, spoke on the support that team members provide to one another. “I feel most proud when we do a large project, and we finish everything before the deadline,” he said, “or when everyone coordinates correctly and puts in their share and everything runs smoothly.”

Vantage is proud of our skilled tradespeople and thank them for their hard work worldwide. We appreciate what you do.

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