Clear Beauty: Looking Beyond the Label
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Consumers are looking for more than the word “natural” on the labels of the personal care products they buy. Now more than ever, they care about where their purchases are sourced and how they’re produced. What they’re desiring is transparency, says Sebastien Massard, Global Marketing Director for Vantage Personal Care™.
At the 2021 E-Cosmet’Agora virtual event, our Personal Care team will introduce the Clear Beauty concept—Vantage’s approach to delivering clean, sustainable products with transparency. “We combine not only ‘clean’ ingredients, but also sustainability, traceability and efficacy,” says Massard. “Consumers want to clearly see the country of origin and the overall environmental and societal impact of the products they purchase.”
Educated, eco-conscious consumers may be reassured, for example, by seeing ingredients sourced from a country such as Spain, which does not allow child labor and has labor laws to protect employees. Local sourcing is another issue: Buying local means shorter supply chains, reducing the environmental impact of transporting goods. 

“All of the shortages that arose during COVID—toilet paper or other products you are used to seeing on the shelves--have rekindled questions of where product is coming from and who I am supporting when I buy this product,” says Massard.

Consumers demand manufacturers come clean on these answers with clean products for their personal care requirements. This trend will likely continue to rise, and Vantage is ready with ingredients and end-to-end processes to  deliver.
Liponate™ Jojoba 20
An excellent example of Clear Beauty concept is our Liponate™ Jojoba 20. It’s 100% traceable, due to our vertical integration with jojoba oil. The oil is extracted and transformed within our facilities, which ensures a complete control of the quality at every step of the transformation process. Its ingredient is COSMOS validated and has demonstrated a clear efficacy and restoration of sensitive or damaged skin.
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What Clean Beauty Means
Watch our video to find out more about why your clients care bout Clean Beauty and how Vantage™ provides for them in every formulation:
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