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Automated spraying of release agents isn’t just for large commercial bakers anymore. Now boutique bakeries and small foodservice businesses that want in on the automation action can find machinery designed with their smaller needs in mind while applying release agents with economical precision.

Hewitt.jpgMike Hewitt, Senior Design Engineer and Field Technician at Vantage Food™ in Pittsburgh, said many small bakeries are still manually oiling their baking pans, oftentimes with aerosol cans. All manual efforts are time consuming; spray cans are also wasteful. “The driving point behind the smaller equipment is to replace non-reusable things like aerosol cans,” said Hewitt, explaining that a baker could easily go through 12 or more aerosol cans a day. Vantage Food has developed a more labor-friendly, waste-reducing option: the SPS-200 series of small spray equipment. The equipment is extremely versatile, compact and mobile, making it ideal for small- to medium-size bakeries and grocery stores. Each SPS-200 series model can be ordered with custom nozzles and fluid vessels that easily spray our product portfolio of water- and oil-based release agents. Plus, its stainless-steel finish makes it durable and easy to clean. “The spray application in this machinery is a major feature that separates us from others,” Hewitt explained. “Most companies only offer a generic circle or fan shape spray. We have over 220 different nozzle designs in the books: a heart-shaped nozzle, a star, a Christmas tree, you name it.” Custom-designed spray nozzles for almost any shape are also available.
“These unique shapes allow our customers to spray their pans more efficiently because we can spray in the shape of the pans, reducing overspray. That saves on wasted oil and messy clean-up,” he said.

Large Commercial Bakers Need Simplification, Too
A “new wave of workers” is impacting the need for machinery redesign in the commercial space, too, said Hewitt who has worked in the field for Vantage for 40 years, addressing issues such as this. In the past two decades, he’s noticed that engineers come in with an innate interest in problem-solving via computer technology rather than with tools and parts.
“Bakeries have a hard time finding engineers because of this,” he said. “We have adjusted to this trend by designing a simpler machine that performs the same job and that just about anyone can fix.”
Hewitt also said he and the rest of the field team are ready to step in to fix any issues that arise. Vantage Food is unusual in that it offers both the spray technology and the release agents for the machinery. Having a one-stop service and solution is a whole other level of simplification for customers.

Read more about our equipment in Food and Food Products Mallet SPS-200
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