Alejandro Tovar: ‘Food can Improve People’s Lives’
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Alejandro Tovar, the new Global Director of Strategic Marketing for Vantage Food™, is passionate about the food business. “I’m a big believer that food can improve people’s lives in different ways through best-in-class products and sustainable practices,” he said. He’s also big on team collaboration and developing people on his teams to bring out the best in each of them.

Alejandro-Tovar.jpegAlejandro has been working in the food industry for more than 10 years. His past roles have included Vice President of Marketing for Puratos Corp., a $2 billion manufacturer of emulsifiers, cake and bread improvers, fillings, and other bakery and patisserie ingredients, where he directed the U.S. marketing strategy and drove the product innovation process.

He has additional experience in CPG marketing and business management roles, most recently as Global Director of Product Marketing for Essity, a $13 billion manufacturer of tissue and hygiene products. His past global responsibilities in North and South American and European markets are a natural fit with the global reach of Vantage Food.

We asked Alejandro a few questions:

Q: Why were you interested in joining Vantage™?
A: Vantage is a very diverse company with a great portfolio of products and businesses to improve life through natural chemistry. I have always believed on making an impact in people and society. Vantage’s products offer that possibility. Our people, our diversity and our collaboration model made Vantage appealing from a work perspective.

Q: Which trends in the food industry should we keep an eye on?
A: Consumers are looking for different ways to improve their lives through food. We have seen the emergence of superfoods, better-for-me, vegan, organic and natural products while not compromising on taste, which is the most important aspect in food. 

Sustainability continues to another key trend in the market: Foods, ingredients and the process should be better for the planet and for people, and I’m encouraged by how Vantage Food has addressed this. Third, consumers expect authentic food and flavors from different origins. This includes artisan foods. Consumers appreciate products that can replicate a home-made experience from the good, old days.

Q: What are a few Vantage Food strengths that position us for success?
A: Our technical expertise and best-in-class products immediately stood out to me when I was introduced to Vantage, and I’m more fully appreciating those strengths as I dive further into my new role. The industry has high regard for brands such as Mallet. The Vantage Food team is serious about continuing to deliver on the excellent reputation these brands have in the market. 

Fun fact: In addition to the food industry, Alejandro has a passion for sunglasses: He owns 95+ pairs of shades. Check out a small selection in this photo collage.


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