Trans Free Satin Glo Shortening

Trans Free Satin Glo Shortening is an ideal all–purpose shortening made from fractionated palm oil, processed to a creamy white smooth fat suitable for a broad range of applications requiring no trans fats. It retains its plasticity under most conditions. It “creams up” quickly. Excellent for cakes, pastries, and all general shortening uses: pie crusts, waffles, cookies, rolls, muffins, brownies, biscuits, pancakes, etc. This product will meet the needs of your customers who are demanding high quality, trans-fat free products. Mallet’s Trans Free Satin Glo Shortening will yield the following benefits: No added trans-fat contributed to your formulation. A trans-fat free all-purpose shortening suitable for a wide range of applications.
Main Properties
FunctionsSolid Shortenings
Markets Bakery
Additional Properties
PackagingDrums, Totes, Bulk Tank Trucks, Pails
Physical FormSemi-solid
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