DW Jojoba Golden

INCI Name: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

Jojoba oil, although named "oil", is actually a liquid wax ester.  The chemical makeup of jojoba gives it a unique non-oily, non-occlusive, elegant skin feel and great oxidative stability.  Performing as a functional ingredient, jojoba can be used in a variety of applications including hair care, skin care, lip care and nail care.  DW Jojoba Golden is a clear, golden oil with a typical, slightly nutty aroma.

Main Properties
ApplicationsColor Cosmetics, Hair Care, Baby Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Bath & Shower, Green & Natural
FunctionsEmollient, Skin Replenishing, Conditioning Agent, Moisturizer, Gloss Agent, Hair Softening
BenefitsSmoothing, Softening, Ecocert / COSMOS, Green & Natural, Gloss
Markets Hair Care & Hair Color , Sun Care , Skin Care , Color Cosmetics , Bath & Shower
Chemical TypeEmollient Ester, Natural Oil
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Case Studies
Acne-prone skin solutions

How to design a simple, sensitive-skin friendly routine to address Maskne breakouts

Daily use of face masks can weaken our skin barrier and create the perfect conditions for acne breakouts. Also called “Maskne”, this condition has become a key concern for cosmetic users around the globe. Vantage™ has curated a series of solutions designed for acne-prone and sensitive skin. 
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Natural Efficacy

How jojoba could become a pregnant women’s best friend

A study on the efficacy of jojoba oil in potentially decreasing formation and visibility of stretch marks utilized gene expression analysis and in-vitro wound closure measurement.
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Natural Functionality

A natural way to improve vegetable oils stability

Jojoba oil's unique composition can be leveraged to increase the oxidative stability of other more fragile vegetable oils.
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Natural Efficacy

How jojoba oil rebalances skin microbiome to improve complexion

A study on the efficacy of jojoba oil in improving skin complexion and sebum production by rebalancing skin microbiome. 
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