B&B™ TC-100N-3 Gas Path Cleaner

An aqueous cleaner concentrate for turbine engine gas path cleaning for off-line and on-line engine cleaning. When used as directed, it is effective in cleaning compressor blades, stators, air passages, etc in turbine engines.

Airbus Application Code 08AJA1, Aqueous Cleaner, Turbine Engine Gas Path (ref MIL-PRF-85705 Ty II)
American Airlines CPN 4151795 (5 Gallon), 4144002 (55 Gallon)
Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 U-File, Bulk and Consumable Materials
GE Aviation, SPM (reference MIL-PRF-85704 Type II)
Honeywell Aerospace CMM 182820 D. Aqueous Cleaning (Subtask 21-50-14-100-004-A01) Heat Exchanger Cleaning (ref MIL-PRF-87504 Type II)
MIL-PRF-85704, Cleaning Compound, Turbine Engine Gas Path, Type II Aqueous cleaner concentrate containing no aromatic hydrocarbon solvents for starter cranked engine cleaning operations only
MIL-PRF-85704, Cleaning Compound, Turbine Engine Gas Path, Type III Aqueous cleaner concentrate containing no hydrocarbon solvents for use in on-line (fired) engine cleaning of specifically approved engines
NSN # 7930-01-412-2365, 7930-01-412-2366, 6850-01-372-8304, 6850-01-433-6436
Pratt & Whitney PWA 36604 Rev B, Hot Corrosion Testing, AMS 5608
Main Properties
ApplicationsGas Path Turbine Engine Cleaners
Markets Aerospace , Industrial
Additional Properties
Approval TypesMIL-PRF-85704, Pratt & Whitney
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