Olive Squalane

INCI Name: Squalane

All animals produce squalene, a triterpene that contributes to the proper lubrication and protection of the skin. It serves as an intermediate for the synthesis of sterols, but also works  in conjunction with other essential sebaceous lipids to efficiently regulate water loss through the epidermis. Squalene typically accounts for 10-14% of the sebum composition. Studies have indicated that the role of squalene likely involves UV protection and irritation reduction.
Squalene however is highly unstable in formulations due to its high level of unsaturation and tends to become rancid very quickly, making it difficult for formulators to use. Moreover, historically, squalene has been extracted from sharks, an unethical source incompatible with brands and consumers’ expectations for modern formulations.
The Olive Squalane oil offered by Vantage™ is a formulator-friendly, vegan alternative to squalene, that offers the same skin benefits, but in more stable, and naturally-derived form. Vantage™ leverages its strong technical expertise in oleochemistry and unique integration within the olive industry to produce a traceable and high quality squalane oil that meets formulator’s needs for natural and sustainable ingredients. By upcycling waste-streams from olive production, Olive Squalane reduces the overall carbon-footprint of the olive industry.

Main Properties
ApplicationsFace Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Lip Color
Benefits100% Olive Derived, Controlled Natural Origin, High Quality, Sustainable and "Zero-Waste"
Markets Skin Care , Hair Care & Hair Color , Color Cosmetics
Additional Properties
Use Level1-100%
CertificationsVegan, ISO16128-NOI, China IECIC, HALAL
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