Jojoba Aqua™ 120

INCI Name: Jojoba Wax PEG-120 Esters

Jojoba Aqua™ 120 is a water-soluble emollient wax created using DW Jojoba Oil . It is a multifunctional ingredient that will provide emolliency to the skin and hair and act as a mild non ionic surfactant or solubilizer for your formulation. Vantage DW Jojoba Oil is sourced from our own farms grown in the Sonoran Desert of North America and Patagonian Desert of Argentina.
Jojoba Aqua™ 120 was designed to bring the moisturization of our DW Jojoba Oil in a water-soluble form “From Our Farms to Your Formulations.”
Main Properties
ApplicationsSkin Care, Hair Care, Green & Natural, Bath & Shower
FunctionsEmollient, Exfoliant, Soothing
BenefitsMoisturization, Soothing, Green & Natural, Smoothing
Markets Skin Care , Bath & Shower , Hair Care & Hair Color
Chemical TypeEmollient Ester
Additional Properties
Use Level0.5-5.0%
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