Jojoba Scrubeads™

INCI Name: Hydrogenated Castor Oil (and) Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Scrubeads™ are a natural, affordable biodegradable* alternative to polyethylene beads. They are ideal for formulations that require higher mixing temperatures, as their melting point is above that of a traditional wax sphere. The melting point is 82-90°C.  Jojoba Scrubeads™ are available in several colors and sizes to create outstanding visual effects in formulations.

*ONLY Jojoba Scrubeads™ Vanilla Shake is Ecocert/COSMOS Approved.

*The components of Jojoba Spheres™ and Jojoba Scrubeads™ were tested for biodegradability using protocols based on OECD Guideline 301D and OPPTS 835.3100. The test substances were exposed to an effluent inoculum under aerobic conditions for 28 days at approximately 20°C. The percent degradation on day 28 indicated that both Jojoba Spheres™ and Jojoba Scrubeads™ exhibit the characteristics of inherently biodegradable materials.

Main Properties
ApplicationsHair Care, Skin Care, Bath & Shower, Green & Natural
BenefitsEcocert / COSMOS, Visual Effect, Green & Natural
Markets Hair Care & Hair Color , Skin Care , Bath & Shower
Chemical TypeExfoliant, Jojoba Derivative
Additional Properties
Use Level1 to 5%
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