Bioact™ 280E Wax Remover

Industry's most tested and approved solvent for wax removal. Quickly dissolves masking wax as well fixturing and buffing compounds. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies this cleaner is composed of 66% renewable biobased ingredients. Safe and long lasting (18-24 months). BIOACT 280E is the cleaner of choice to replace trichloroethyelene (TCE), perchloroethyelene (PERC), and petroleum-based solvents. NPE/APE-free. For your wax masking needs, see Vantage's AEROWAX HT.

CFM International CP# 2720 Rev 76
GE Aviation 70-80-04 Solvent, Wax Removal (C04-287)
GE Aviation Master Cleaner List 3.6.5, GE Aviation SCWC, Semi-Aqueous Immersion Cleaners (100%)
International Aero Engines (IAE) CoMat 01-460
Pratt & Whitney PMC 8913-1,-2 Wax Removal Solvent, SPOP 37 Method 2 Removal of Plating Wax (SPM Rev 120, Part #585005)
Pratt & Whitney PMC 8913-1,-2 Wax Removal Solvent, POP 1800-U Masking Parts Prior to Selective Painting, Chemical Processing, Painting, Stripping
Pratt & Whitney MCL E-205 Titanium Stress Corrosion Test
Rolls-Royce OMat 1/288D Wax Remover
Rolls-Royce CSS No 254 Class A Semi-Aqueous Cleaning Fluids Suitable on Metallic Materials as CM0000044 - Class A: BIOACT 280 MLC104/1)
NSN # 7930-01-596-8654
Boeing D6-17487
ASTM F 945, ASTM F 502, ASTM F519 93, ASTM F 1110, ASTM F 2111
Main Properties
ApplicationsSolutions for Aircraft Components, Solvent Cleaning
Markets Aerospace , Industrial
Additional Properties
Approval TypesCFM, GE Aviation, IAE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce
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