Lipobead™ Detox with Coconut Charcoal MB

INCI Name: Mannitol (and) Cellulose (and) Charcoal Powder (and) Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (and) Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Lipobead™ Detox with Coconut Charcoal MB is spherical delivery system that allows formulating with all the benefits of Activated Charcoal without having to create a dark formulation. Vantage™ sources the Activated Charcoal raw material from Coconut Shells, which would otherwise be discarded. It also makes working with Activated Charcoal easier in the manufacturing plant, when using this dust-free version of charcoal. Lipobead™ Detox with Coconut Charcoal MB was designed to help absorb and neutralize contaminants by purifying the skin and keeping it clean and radiant.

Key Benefits

  • Detoxifying & Mess Free
  • Release of Activated Charcoal During Application
  • Maintain Clear and White Formulations
Main Properties
ApplicationsSkin Care, Hand Soaps, Shampoos, Body Washes & Scrubs
FunctionsDelivery System
BenefitsVisual Effect, Immediate Effect
Markets Skin Care , Bath & Shower , Hair Care & Hair Color
Additional Properties
Use Level0.5-5%
CertificationsRSPO, China IECIC 2015
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