Prosoft Gold DS

Prosoft Gold DS is a concentrated crumb softener and shelf life extender for bread, buns, sweet dough, Danish, pizza doughs, raised donuts and other related yeast-raised produts. Prosoft Gold DS also works in the production of soft cookies. Prosoft Gold DS is a hydrated product containd a high concentration of distilled monoglycerides. The monoglycerides form active starch complexers, which "slow down" the normal retrogradation of starch after gelatinization for an extended period. The retrogradation of starch has been found to be the major cause of "staling". Hence, by slowing it down, this means a softer loaf of bread with better moisture retention and a longer shelf life. It is very economical to use. The creamy smooth texture results in a more rapid dispersion throughout the dough.
Main Properties
ApplicationsCrumb softener and shelf life extender for bread - single strength
Markets Bakery
Additional Properties
PackagingDrums, Cartons
Physical FormSemi-solid Paste
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