Axarel™ 3000 Solvent Cleaner

Approved MIL-PRF-680 Type III Cleaner. Safe, high flash point (205oF/96oC) cleaner removes heavy greases and high melt point soils. May be operated at elevated temperatures.

Airbus Consumable Materials List (CML) Product Code 865100, Application Code 08BBB1
Airbus A330 AMM Item 11-002
BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning (ref MIL-PRF-680) (PSD 6-88)
Embraer (ref MIL-PRF-680)
Honeywell ref MIL-PRF-680 qualifications (Type III)
Lockheed Martin STP57-201, Rev. H Cleaning of Carbon and Low Alloy Steels (EPS G41.14) (MIL-PRF-680 supersedes P-D-680)
Messier-Bugatti Component Maintenance Manual per MIL-PRF-680
Pratt & Whitney PMC 9001 Stoddard Solvent (MIL-PRF-680, Type I, II or III)
UTAS UTC Aerospace Systems Goodrich Wheels and Brakes Component Maintenance Manual per MIL- PRF-680
MIL-PRF-680 Degreasing Solvent Type III Very High Flash Point (200ºF) (SD-3) (DS-0017)
NSN # 6850-01-474-2318, 6850-01-474-2320, 6850-01-474-2321
ASTM D 1353, ASTM D 1296, ASTM D 130, ASTM F 1110, ASTM F 483, ASTM F 945
Main Properties
ApplicationsSolutions for Aircraft Components
FunctionsImmersion, Manual
Markets Aerospace , Industrial
Additional Properties
Approval TypesMessier-Dowty-Bugatti, Airbus, Goodrich, MIL-PRF-680, Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin
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