Sunjin Non Nano TIO2 & Dispersions

The T-80 series of Non Nano TiO2 is produced by aggregation of Nano TiO2 bound by an inorganic silica binder to form micro size granules. Typical particle size distribution is within the range of 364 to 988 nanometers, with an average size of 562 nanometers. The T-80 series is available in several surface treated versions for ease of use and versatility, including EcoCert versions. The T-80 series provides comparable UVB protection to 15 nanometer TiO2 and better UVA protection than 40 nanometer ZnO. The T-80 series is recommended for use in all inorganic sunscreen formulations.T-80 Non Nano TiO2 is available in predispersed versions for ease of use and handling. The TiO2 content is 48%. EcoCert versions include caprylic capric triglyceride or dicaprylyl carbonate dispersions.
Main Properties
ApplicationsSun Care, Skin Care, Color Cosmetics
FunctionsSensory Agent
BenefitsProtection, Softening
Markets Sun Care , Skin Care , Color Cosmetics
Chemical TypePowder
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