Distinctive™ Gel FL

INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Quaternium- 90 Bentonite (and) Trifluoromethyl C1-4 Alkyl Dimethicone (and) Propylene Carbonate

Distinctive™ Gel FL is a Cyclopentasiloxane and Fluorosilicone based bentonite clay ultra dispersion manufactured by proprietary process to maintain consistent viscosity through advanced particle size control. This product does not contain any animal ingredients. It is useful in various formulations including makeup foundations, creams, masks and antiperspirants. It is best used to prevent syneresis, phase separation and is an excellent suspending agent. Distinctive™ Gel FL eliminates the need for dry powder dispersion and is pre-activated making it ready-to-use in formulations. Distinctive™ Gel FL improves processing efficiency and can be incorporated at any temperature with high shear mixing.
Main Properties
ApplicationsColor Cosmetics, Skin Care, AP/DEO, Sun Care
BenefitsExcellent Suspending Agent
Markets Color Cosmetics , Skin Care
Additional Properties
Use Level1-30%
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