Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT COS

INCI Name: Nylon-12

Orgasol® microsphere powders are texturizing agents that impart a smooth sensorial feel to color cosmetics and skin care products. Orgasol® powders provide soft focus properties and have high oil absorption ability for sebum control.

Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT COS is a 10 micron powder with a velvet feel.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth Velvet Feel
  • Soft Focus Properties
  • Sebum Control
  • Pressable

Available exclusively from Vantage in North America, South America, India, and South Africa

Main Properties
ApplicationsSkin Care, Color Cosmetics
FunctionsOil Absorption, Sensorial Modifier
BenefitsSebum Control, Soft Focus
Markets Color Cosmetics , Skin Care
Chemical TypePowder
Additional Properties
Use Level1-5%
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