Mello Gold

A fine edible oil to be used anywhere a high-grade oil is needed. Use it as a salad oil, as a frying oil, as a baking oil. Use it for all cooking needs. Mello Gold is an all-purpose vegetable oil. FEATURES: Mello Gold is a clear, 100% soybean oil, with TBHQ added to help protect the flavor and methyl silicone is present for better frying. This oil is bland, imparting no off-taste and no off-odor to foods. It has no heavy oily taste. It stays fresh-tasting longer. It is easy to use, just pour it from the container. It will remain liquid at room temperature even in the cold winter months. When using this oil there is no unpleasant odor and there are no unpleasant smoke problems. Mello Gold is economical to use. APPLICATIONS: For all deep fried foods; donuts, potatoes, fish, chicken, onion rings; for all pan fried foods; steak, chops, sausage, french toast, eggs. Bake with Mello Gold; chiffon cakes, pie crust, waffles, cookies, rolls, muffins, brownies, biscuits and pancakes. Pan and griddles stay clean. Use it in making Mayonnaise or any salad dressing calling for oil. The delicate flavors will come through and give fresh, crisp salads. Mayonnaise-type dressing will not separate when stored at low temperatures. Use in sauces.
Main Properties
FunctionsStraight Oils
Markets Bakery
Additional Properties
PackagingDrums, Totes, Bulk Tank Trucks, Pails
Physical FormLiquid
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