B&B™ 9095 Aircraft Paint Remover

A ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide activated, viscous paint remover for aircraft exteriors.  This product is formulated to be effective on both composite and metallic surfaces and is highly efficient in removing resistant catalyzed finishes and other type finishes.  With a shelf life of 12+ months, B&B 9095 is non-drying and has a low EHS impact, as it does not contain methylene chloride or NMP.

U.S. Air Force TO 1-1-8 Application and Removal of Organic Coatings, Aerospace and Non-Aerospace Equipment
U.S. Air Force TO 1-1-24 Composite Coating Removal
C-130 Local Engineering Specification
Boeing DPM 5549-1, Stripper, Neutral, Non-embrittling
Boeing BMS 10-144
Douglas DPS 9.316-3 Stripping of Organic Coatings
Lockheed Martin EMAP G32.2356
Lockheed Martin C-130 No Technical Objection

Air Force Purchase Description Remover, Non-Chlorinated Solvent Type, For Difficult-To-Remove Finishes
Purchase Description (#OC-ALC 2008-01) Paint Remover, Paint Remover, Environmentally Acceptable, For Difficult-to-Remove Coatings
TT-R-2918A (19-Mar-2001) Remover, Paint, No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) ASTM F 519, 200 hrs at 75% load
ASTM F 483, ASTM F 1110, ASTM F 1080
Boeing Alloy Steel Surface Corrosion Test, 4130 Steel, Bare, 46-48 hrs at 90°F-100°F
Dissimilar Metal Corrosion Test, Al/Steel, Al/St Cad Plate, Al/Ti, Ti/St, Ti/Mg, Al/Mg
Residue Corrosion Test, Al/Steel, Al/St Cad Plate, Al/Ti, Ti/St, Ti/Mg, Al/Mg
Main Properties
ApplicationsCoating & Paint Removers
FunctionsSpray, Flow, Brush
Markets Aerospace
Additional Properties
Approval TypesUS Air Force, C-130 Local Engineering, Boeing, Douglas
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