Lipamide™ MEAA 100%

INCI Name: Acetamide MEA

Lipamide™ MEAA has humectant and lubricant properties for use in shampoos, treatment products and hair conditioners. It reduces tangling, improves the ease of wet and dry combing and leaves the hair soft and manageable. Lipamide™ MEAA adds humectancy, lubricity and a moist, non-tacky after feel to skin care creams, lotions and cleansing systems.

Key Benefits

  • Humectant and Lubricant Properties
  • Reduces Tangling in Hair
  • Adds Manageability to Hair
  • Moist Feel to Skin
Main Properties
ApplicationsBath & Shower, Skin Care, Hair Care
FunctionsConditioning Agent, Humectant, Hair Softening
BenefitsMildness, Detangling
Markets Skin Care , Hair Care & Hair Color , Bath & Shower
Chemical TypeHumectant
Additional Properties
Use Level1-5%
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