Liponic™ EG-1

INCI Name: Glycereth-26

Liponic™ EG-1 is a humectant and lubricant that offers a smooth, luxurious feel. Liponic™ EG-1 is the 26 mole ethoxylate of glycerin. It can be used as a skin conditioning agent, is a good dispersant, detackifier, solubilizer, viscosity modifier, plasticizer, foam modifier and an exceptional lubricant. 

Key Benefits

  • Humectancy
  • Smooth, Non-tacky Feel
  • Skin conditioning
Main Properties
ApplicationsSkin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, Color Cosmetics, Bath & Shower, Baby Care
FunctionsFoam Booster, Humectant
BenefitsMildness, Moisturization
Markets Bath & Shower , Skin Care , Hair Care & Hair Color , Sun Care , Color Cosmetics
Chemical TypeHumectant
Additional Properties
Use Level1-10%
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