Amarnakote™ CS

Amarnakote™ CS is our primary allergen-free version Amarnakote™ release agent, using sunflower lecithin in place of soy lecithin.  This product is ideal for tough applications or where water is present and where customers are looking for clean release and protection from buildup. Amarnakote™ CS is a family of water-based release agents that works differently than other release products. Not only does it keep food from sticking, but its patented cleaning properties can reduce or eliminate buildup on baking and dehydrator surfaces. Amarnakote™ CS is also unique in that it can be sprayed more easily and with greater accuracy than other common release products, resulting in minimal to no overspray or mess.
Main Properties
ApplicationsBread, Buns & Rolls, Dehydrated Potatoes, Dried Fruits, Hashbrowns & more.
FunctionsWater-Based Release Agents
BenefitsAllergen Free, Gluten-Free
Markets Animal Nutrition , Bakery , Fruits and Vegetables , Cereals , Meat
Additional Properties
CertificationsKosher Pareve, Halal
PackagingDrums, Totes, Bulk
Physical FormLiquid
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