Bioact™ 108 CIC Remover & Solvent Cleaner

BIOACT 108 Precision Cleaner is a highly refined, USDA Certified Biobased solvent formulated to meet the performance, compatibility and environmental requirements of the aerospace industry. It is selected when a powerful cleaner is required with fast dry times and low surface residues. BIOACT 108 is a direct replacement for acetone, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene and other low flash point, high vapor pressure and toxic solvents. It is compatible with many polymeric substrates, elastomers and is safe for use with ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

American Airlines CPN 4214836
Boeing BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning, PSD 6-100, BMS11-14A (approved metals and blanket cleaning)
Boeing BAC 5355 Fabrication and Rework of Thermal Acoustic Blankets, PSD 6-12 (also listed in PSD 6-8)
Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 (excludes acrylic and polycarbonate crazing)
AMS 1526C (excludes flash point, effect on transparent acrylic plastics, and storage stability)
Boeing D6-17487 (excludes acrylic crazing)
Douglas CSD #1 (excludes acrylic crazing)
ASTM F 1110, ASTM F 1111, ASTM F 483, ASTM F 502, ASTM F 519, ASTM F 509, ASTM F 485
Main Properties
ApplicationsAircraft Cleaners & Surface Treatments, Manual & Solvent Cleaners, IPA Replacements
FunctionsImmersion, Manual
Markets Aerospace , Industrial
Additional Properties
Approval TypesAirbus, Boeing
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