Liponate™ SPS Veg Pastilles

INCI Name: Cetyl Esters

Liponate™ SPS-VEG is a mixture of esters of saturated fatty acids and alcohols combined to form a neutral nonionic wax. Liponate™ SPS-VEG adds thixotropic bodying and gloss to creams and lotions.  Its characteristic nontacky silky afterfeel is especially advantageous in anhydrous and emulsified makeups and skin and hair care preparations.

Key Benefits

  • Nontacky, Silky Afterfeel
  • Adds Body and Gloss
Main Properties
ApplicationsSun Care, Color Cosmetics, Baby Care, Skin Care, Hair Care
FunctionsBodying Agent
BenefitsGreen & Natural, Smoothing, Softening
Markets Color Cosmetics , Skin Care , Hair Care & Hair Color , Sun Care
Chemical TypeEmollient Wax
Additional Properties
Use Level1-8%
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