Trans Free Trough Grease L

Trans Free Trough Grease L is a unique vegetable trough lubricant that does not contain mineral oil. It efficiently covers the interior of troughs and hoppers with a film that does not become gummy or rancid, does not discolor dough, cause odor or foreign taste. It allows troughs to dump clean every time. Trough Grease L is made with a special blend of vegetable oils and shortenings designed to eliminate polymerization, oxidation, and build up. FEATURES: Trans Free Trough Grease L is a pourable type trough grease in liquid form for a quicker, easier application with spray equipment. It provides a clean, sanitary operation at a low cost. Yet it is viscous enough to cling to the sides of troughs for efficient dumping of dough. You can use up to 40% less Trans Free Trough Grease L than most any other lubricant.
Main Properties
FunctionsTrough Grease
BenefitsNo Mineral Oil
Markets Bakery , Confection
Additional Properties
PackagingDrums, Totes, Bulk Tank Trucks, Pails
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