Vycerin™ GL88 USP Tallow Glycerin

INCI Name: Glycerin

Vycerin™ USP GL88 glycerin is derived from renewable, natural animal fats through hydrolysis.  The Vantage site is FDA registered and meets stringent cGMP standards at our manufacturing site and throughout our supply chain.  Vycerin™GL88 USP glycerin is used in pet food, polyols, teat dip and as a pharmaceutical excipient.  This material is also ACS grade and suitable for explosive compositions and nitroglycerine.
Main Properties
FunctionsBlasting Explosives
Markets Glycerin Derivatives
Chemical TypePropane-1-2-3-triol
Additional Properties
CAS Registry Number56-81-5
Chemical DescriptionPropane-1,2,3-triol
CertificationsUSP, FSMA Compliant
PackagingBulk, Totes, Drums
Physical FormLiquid
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