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Making Life Better Through Natural Chemistry

We have dedicated ourselves to making life better through natural chemistry. Our robust portfolio of over 2,000 specially formulated solutions represent a broad spectrum of applications including: natural oils and glycerin, surfactants and esters, mold release systems and equipment solutions in food, and high-end bioactive ingredients and sensorial additives in personal care.


Agrochemicals are critical for our growing population and need to be utilized in order to maximize the efficiency of growing crops, increasing productivity, and increasing profitability to the farmer. From Fatty Acids and Glycerine to Surfactants, Vantage provides a wide range of EPA registered adjuvants that can provide flexibility and customized solutions to meet your needs. Adjuvants enhance the effectiveness of pesticides, such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that control or eliminate unwanted pests. These materials are used as humectants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and wetting agents in a wide variety of crop management applications, ranging from seed to tobacco spray.

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We offer a variety of fatty acids that can be used in emulsion polymerization, a wide range of maching fluids as well as surfactants used for oil dispersion.  Vantage also offers a product that is used in various state of the art cooling and heat exchange fluids in the automotive industry.

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Coatings & Adhesives

Fatty acids are formulated into release agents, water proofing, adhesives, and for paper sizing. Specialty derivatives service as raw materials and additives for coatings, colorants, paints, inks and adhesives, as well as act as process aids for polymer, printing, coating and adhesive systems. All these additives function as gloss aids, provide slip and abrasion resistance and add release properties to coatings, without interfering with adhesion or curing rates. 

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Colorants & Polymers

Vantage manufactures a diverse line of specialty chemicals for the polymer industry, including polysorbates, sorbitan esters, glycerol esters, and custom blends. Fatty acids provide heat stability for high temperature processes or applications. Our products help improve polymer processing, performance and appearance. 

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Construction Materials

Vantage manufactures fatty acids and specialty chemicals used in construction materials such as PVC piping, decking and window frames.  Our products are also used in surfactants for asphalt, concrete curing and waterproofing.

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Consumer Products

Fatty acids are used extensively for bar soaps, body washes, laundry detergents and fabric softeners.  Glycerin functions as a humectant in a wide variety of consumer products including skin care, hair care, soaps and wipes.

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Food & Food Processing

Vantage Foods, integrated solutions for your success.  Customized solutions, in-house research and development, and an extensive portfolio of food processing ingredients.   Our offerings include release agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, processing aids, shortenings, esters, polysorbates, antifoams, specialty ingredients, spraying equipment and much more.  Clean label solutions including allergen-free, Non-GMO, organic, Kosher and Halal.

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Our derivatized oleic acid is used in various low Sulphur fuel additives as a lubricity aid. Our Specialty Additives act as emulsifiers in the Biofuel market and are critical components to depress the freezing point  of engine coolants and winterizing fluids.

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HI & I

A variety of fatty acids and specialty chemicals designed to meet a broad range of applications serving the Household, Institutional & Industrial market.

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Vantage manufactures and supplies value-added, functional ingredients for a variety of food grade and industrial defoamer formulations.

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Lubricants & Metalworking

Vantage supplies select oleochemical and oleochemical derivatives for lubricant, metalworking, and hydraulic fluid formulations. We specialize in environmentally friendly water-soluble and water-insoluble PAGs, base fluids, surfactants, lubricity additives and specialty additives like AW/EP Additives and Corrosion Inhibitors.

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Mining & Minerals Processing

Vantage glycerin meets the ACS Standard and is key for the production of nitroglycerin for specialists mining and explosive applications. Fatty acids are increasingly being used in ore floating formulations for a variety of extraction technologies. Our line of Lumisorb™ sorbitan esters are widely used as emulsifiers in mining explosive applica!ons. 

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Oil & Gas

A wide array naturally derived fatty acids and oleochemical derivatives serve as building blocks in a variety of rapidly growing applications in the oil and gas industry. These chemistries are critical to lower friction pressure, increase proppant transport, and increase laminar flow. Encapsulated materials act as viscosity breakers and prolong well treatment life.

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Paper Processing

Fatty acids are critical components for the alkylketene dimers and are used to improve surface characteristics in high volume paper manufacturing. Encapsulated inks and dyes are used to create carbonless paper.

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Personal Care

Over the past 10 years, Vantage has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most reliable suppliers of Personal Care ingredients. With a global presence and 13 laboratories around the world, we provide regional support to our customers and deliver essential ingredients for fast innovation.

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Vycerin™ to Curoxyl™, Vantage covers a wide range of excipients to actives used in a variety of formulations including gel caps, skin treatment, topical creams and ointments, animal husbandry as well as an emollient in teat dip. Specialty chemicals act as processing aids to help eliminate and prevent foam during fermentation


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Rubber Processing

Vantage has over thirty years of supporting the tire industry in the use of Stearic Acid for vulcanization. Specialty esters, vegetable oils and specialty fatty acids are used as processing aids in the molding of rubber.

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Surface Treatment

Vantage Surface Treatment Technologies (STT) is a leading global supplier of fully-formulated process cleaning solutions, coating removers and other surface treatments for aerospace, electronics circuit assembly and other high-reliability industrial markets.  For more than 35 years, our solutions have exceeded industry standards for performance, materials compatibility, EHS stewardship and operational use cost. Vantage STT products are sold in more than 30 countries under the Axarel™, B&B™, Bioact™, CleanSafe™, Hydrex™, Lenium™ and Re-Entry™ trade names and are supported by a global team of process-driven technical experts.

Asia Pacific Surface Treatment Sales Office
Gilbert Siu


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Vantage product offering is a variety of emulsifiers, lubricants, and fatty acids that are used in spin finish lubricants, as well at antistats for the fiberglass insulation market.

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Water Treatment

Specialty chemicals are building blocks for a variety of water treatment applications, including polyacrylamide manufacturing, papermill, mining, and more. These chemistries include esters, alkoxylates, antifoam, specialty blends and encapsulated products. Glycerin is used to improve the efficiency in anaerobic digesters.


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