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A fast growing portfolio of naturally derived ingredients, from Farm-to-Formulation™, ranging from a leading position in glycerin, surfactants and natural oils to high-end active ingredients and delivery systems.

Over the past 10 years, Vantage has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most reliable suppliers of Personal Care ingredients. With a global presence and 13 laboratories around the world, we provide regional support to our customers and deliver essential ingredients for fast innovation.


Personal Care Markets

Broad range of specialty ingredients ranging from emollients and natural oils to high-end bioactives
Markets Overview
Case Studies
Skin-spired hair care formulations by Vantage™

Skinification of Hair Formulations

Vantage™ has developed skin-spired hair care formulations that align with globally relevant trends and offer solutions for a range of consumer concerns.
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Vantage™ offers a variety of sensorial ingredients for 'skin-spired' haircare formulations

Skinification of Hair

The Skinification of Hair is an incredibly popular macro trend for consumers and brands alike. Consumers want haircare products with premium skincare ingredients, and accordingly, tried-and-true formulas are seeing an innovative shift with some of the skincare industry’s most effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, probiotics, and more to create haircare products that treat the scalp and create healthy hair from root to tip.
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Vantage silicone alternative solutions for personal care applications

Silicones: Where are they now?

Vantage delivers high-perforrmance silicone alternatives for a variety of personal care applications
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Vantage solutions for solid personal care applications

Solid Formulations

Vantage technologies can help formulators create products for a variety of solid applications in any sub-category. 
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Formulation solutions

Everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid

Vantage hyaluronic acid technologies can help formulators create products for a variety of applications in any sub-category.
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Natural Functionality

Effective sun care starts with ingredients that consumers trust

Devising effective sun care fomulations requires solutions that meet consumers’ need for safe and environmentally-friendly personal care products. This article retraces some of the latest challenges brought to the sun care category.
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Supply Security

How Integrated Dual Sourcing Creates a Climate Change-Proof Supply-Chain That Protects Cosmetic Manufacturers

Anticipating the challenges that climate-change will create for the sourcing of natural ingredients, Vantage™ has created a climate change-proof supply chain for jojoba oil. 
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Face cleansing solutions

The face cleanser craze, explained by Internet search activity

Consumer commitment to self-care, even as restrictions are getting lifted, has stayed strong. The continued prioritization of DIY home treatments is evident by double and triple-digit gains of hair masks, facial and body serums, nail care, or candles. A look at the top 10 searches by consumers looking for face cleansing solutions can help understand where formulators need to focus their efforts. 
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Acne-prone skin solutions

How to design a simple, sensitive-skin friendly routine to address Maskne breakouts

Daily use of face masks can weaken our skin barrier and create the perfect conditions for acne breakouts. Also called “Maskne”, this condition has become a key concern for cosmetic users around the globe. Vantage™ has curated a series of solutions designed for acne-prone and sensitive skin. 
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Natural Efficacy

How jojoba could become a pregnant women’s best friend

A study on the efficacy of jojoba oil in potentially decreasing formation and visibility of stretch marks utilized gene expression analysis and in-vitro wound closure measurement.
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Natural Functionality

A natural way to improve vegetable oils stability

Jojoba oil's unique composition can be leveraged to increase the oxidative stability of other more fragile vegetable oils.
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Natural Efficacy

How jojoba oil rebalances skin microbiome to improve complexion

A study on the efficacy of jojoba oil in improving skin complexion and sebum production by rebalancing skin microbiome. 
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