Minimizing our environmental impact, maintaining strong corporate governance and engaging with the communities in which we live and
work are important aspects of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Our commitment to natural chemistry is foundational to our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) performance and to delivering long-term superior results, resilience and continuous improvement.

We are investing in a long-term, comprehensive and ambitious sustainability journey that more closely integrates ESG across our global business strategy and decision-making and will chart our path to action on key ESG challenges from climate change to diversity and inclusion.

Building on our foundation of natural chemistry and bio-based feedstocks, Vantage offers a broad portfolio of solutions with strong performance in the areas of human health & wellbeing, safety and the environment which enables close partnerships with customers seeking to achieve their own ambitious sustainability performance in their products. 

Today, approximately two-thirds* of Vantage’s total sales are from products based in natural chemistry.


ESG Framework

At Vantage, we want to raise the bar on what we can achieve for the benefit of our employees, customers, communities in which we operate, and indeed the planet.  

In 2022, we challenged ourselves to accelerate our ESG initiatives and focus and established a new, comprehensive and action-oriented ESG framework to further advance our sustainability ambitions. We are currently validating baseline data including a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventory and sustainable feedstock risk assessment, and once this is complete, we will set transparent goals for continuous improvement and growth.

Our Priorities

  • Resilient Supply

    • Building sustainability into our supply chain and product design to produce first-class solutions that our customers can rely on.
  • Responsible Operations

    • Creating transparent systems of assessment and action to understand the environmental impacts of our operations and how to mitigate them over time.
  • Reliable Partner

    • Developing trusted and transparent programs that ensure our Vantage community and customers understand the impact of the good we do.


Natural and certified materials offer sustainability advantages to meet customer demands, and product attributes like organic, fair trade, vegan, kosher, and ethical sourcing are most meaningfully proven by certification.

Vantage’s portfolio contains a wide range and a high proportion of certified products. In addition to natural products representing over two-thirds of Vantage's total sales, our product portfolio has significant coverage of high-demand industry certifications demonstrating sustainability performance.

*Based on ISO 16128 definition of "Natural" (>70% of components naturally derived.  66.5% of 2022 Global Sales can be defined as "Natural"

“We actively emphasize certifications that support our consumer-focused markets and that reinforce our commitments to sustainability, transparency in the supply chain and product quality excellence.”
Steve Doktycz, Chief Executive Officer

Best Practice Standards, Accountability and Reporting

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - RSPO

Trademark License: 2-0372-12-100-00

Action for Sustainable Derivatives - ASD

Global Shea Alliance - GSA


Fair for Life

Global Manufacturing Practice - GMP

ISO 14001



Beyond Vantage: Engaging in our Communities

As a responsible corporate citizen, Vantage actively supports the lives of people in the communities where we live and operate. Around the world, we participate across our extended communities through volunteerism, sponsorships and collaboration with organizations that work to meet critical community needs.

  • Techo in Latin America

    • Vantage employees in Mexico and Colombia who volunteered to help build homes for those in need with TECHO, a youth-led non profit organization in Latin America that seeks to overcome poverty through community development, social awareness and action and political advocacy.
  • Leadership Engagement

    • The Vantage Leadership Team spent an afternoon at the San Antonio Food Bank weighing, bagging and packing food that would be distributed to “Fight Hunger and Feed Hope” in 29 counties across San Antonio and Southwest Texas.
  • Artisanal Soaps in Spain

    • Every year, our Natural Oils team in Spain donates product such as shea and mango butter, beeswax and palm oil to a local covent. The Sisters at the Santa Clara convent use our products in their artisanal soap making which they sell to raise funds for the convent and its work in the local community.
  • Supporting Local Communities

    • Each December, our Chicagoland employees partner with The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program to donate wished-for Christmas gifts to children, senior adults and families across our local community.
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