Following the haircare market trends, Vantage™ has identified the Skinification of Hair concept as a means to align with globally relevant trends, target the strong growth in the haircare market, and support Vantage™ core initiatives. Delivering on fast innovation with responsible chemistry, Vantage™ offers a variety of sensorial ingredients for skin-spired haircare formulations that address top consumer concerns and align with rising consumer micro trends.

Balancing Scalp Scaling Shampoo


This sulfate-free, nourishing shampoo gently cleanses while eliminating dirt and dead skin cells on the scalp thanks to its double physical and chemical exfoliation. Enriched with Coconut-Avocado Hair Milk that works on the hair fiber and the scalp.

Coconut-Avocado Hair Milk is a bio-mimetic complex that leverages the emolliency of coconut oil, coconut water, and avocado oil into the nourishing structure of milk. It is a multi-functional product that provides proper oil and moisture balance with an improvement in shine, frizz, and overall appearance of the hair.

Defining Scalp Scaling Shampoo

This sulfate-free, nourishing shampoo gently cleanses while eliminating impurities on the scalp thanks to its double physical and chemical exfoliation. Developed with Jojoba Pro™ N—a natural moisturizer with exceptional film forming properties ideal for curly hair— and Legume FermBiotic™ G. to hydrate and strengthen scalp barrier function.

Jojoba Pro-N is an extract of hydrolyzed jojoba proteins from Jojoba seeds grown at the farms Vantage™ operates in Arizona and Argentina. It meets the growing demand for zero-waste and upcycled ingredients. In hair care formulations, this semi-permeable film repairs damaged hair and retains moisture in the shaft, improving manageability. This clear film reflects light, enhancing hair color and luster.
Legume FermBiotic™ G. is inspired by veganism, using the power of highly beneficial legumes with the aid of pre- and postbiotic rich fungi, Galactomyces Candidus for topical use. Legume FermBiotic™ G. boosts hydration levels by stimulating hyaluronic acid-producing enzymes and balances the scalp microbiome for a healthier scalp.

Restoring Scalp Serum

An exclusive serum formulated as an intensive scalp treatment. Developed with SC-Help Defense— a natural complex that has been scientifically proven to support scalp health by protecting against 3 key environmental threats—UV rays, pollution and blue light. With Marine FermBiotic™ L. which energizes skin cells for a stronger scalp metabolism.

SC-Help Defense is a scientifically proven, antioxidant packed, natural complex that supports the health of Dermal Papillae cells in the scalp by directly addressing external Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) threats.
Marine FermBiotic™ L. is a probiotic extracted from the isolated secretions of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus cells. Provides scalp microbiome support through probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum.

3-in-1 Renewing Serum

This multitasking, soft cream-gel with BP-SA Niacinamide Salicylate Complex transitions quickly to a refreshing water rush for face, scalp, and hair to hydrate, renew, and protect.

BP-SA Niacinamide Salicylate Complex is an effective ingredient in the treatment of sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and skin with hyperpigmentation, proven by our clinical studies*. In addition, this remarkable complex is also very effective in scalp care.

Luxurious Conditioning Concentrate

This Luxurious Conditioning Concentrate combines sustainability & sensorial experience with a water-activated texture to immediately recover and soften the hair. Silicone-free formula, enriched with powerful with plant-based ingredients such as Liponate™ Jojoba 20 and Liponate™ Jojoba NatFilm leaving hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy.
Liponate™ Jojoba 20 is a multi-functional, oil-free emollient which delivers sustained hydration and restores barrier function. It transforms the sensorial profile of formulations to add softness, spreadability, and a subtle thickness, while maintaining a quick absorption.
Liponate™ Jojoba NatFilm is a mixture of jojoba esters and hydrolyzed jojoba esters optimized to keep the skin and hair benefits of jojoba esters while easing the incorporation of the ingredient in water-based formulations. It provides a protective film that imparts slip and emolliency into formulations for a glycerin-boosting, conditioning effect.

Eco Conditioner Powder

This Eco Conditioner Powder delivers a transformative water-activated texture, providing gentle conditioning for all hair types, featuring Jeesperse® ICE-T® CPCS.

Jeesperse® ICE-T® CPCS harnesses the substantive cationic nature of polyquaternium-37 to deliver the conditioning and nourishing properties of near-nature-identical-skin-and-hair lipids found in rapeseed and canola with the moisturizing properties of cetearyl alcohol.

Recovery Balm-to-Oil Hair Mask

The deeply nourishing balm infused with jojoba, argan, and coconut oils delivered through Absolute OC™ Resilience melts into the hair to hydrate, reduce frizz, enhance shine, and restore the hair back to a healthy appearance.

Absolute OC™ Resilience is a highly supercharged oil that releases targeted active ingredients deep within the skin’s surface for powerful long-lasting results. Absolute OC™ Resilience was developed with a synergistic combination of argan oil, jojoba esters, jojoba butter, and jojoba oil to optimize hair benefits. Studies conducted by Vantage™ have demonstrated strong potential of jojoba esters for hair conditioning.
For more information on our formulations, check out our Skinification of Hair brochure below:
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