Have you been using benzoyl peroxide the wrong way?

Acne-prone skin solutions

Benzoyl peroxide is often considered the ultimate acne killing ingredient, making it one of the most likely ingredients to be recommended by dermatologists to treat acne in the US. The drug is regulated by the FDA for the treatment of acne breakouts, and is accessible Over-The-Counter, with a dosage ranging from 2.5 to 10%. This potency however comes with a warning. People who tend to demonstrate sensitive skin can experience rare occurrences of skin redness or irritation during a benzoyl peroxide treatment. This risk can however be mitigated by adopting the right ingredient, and including it into the proper acne treatment routine.

How does benzoyl peroxide work?

Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful oxidizer that is recognized for significantly reducing the population of Propionibacterium acnes (P.Acnes), the anaerobic bacteria whose proliferation is ultimately connected with the inflammatory reaction associated with acne breakouts. Because benzoyl peroxide is directly toxic to P.Acnes, it remains highly efficient after repeated use, when antibiotic-resistant P.Acnes can start developing resistance to traditional antibiotic treatments, such as clindamycin or erythromycin. This unique mode of action contributes to the documented efficacy of benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl peroxide quickly work to reduce acne signs

Not all Benzoyl peroxide are created equal

Benzoyl peroxide is available to formulators in two forms: a pure powder, or pre-dispersed in a USP-compliant gel form. The gel format offers several benefits, including easier processing and more homogenous dispersion of the benzoyl peroxide particles. When it comes to formulating for patients with sensitive skin, the quality of the dispersion matters: a homogenous dispersion with finer benzoyl peroxide particles has proven to yield better results to fight acne. Finer particles are better at finding their way into pores contaminated with P.Acnes, increasing their efficacy against the bacteria. But these fine particles are also less abrasive and avoiding a large particle size alleviates the risk for “hot spots”, where too high of a benzoyl peroxide concentration usually leads to the inflammatory episodes. With finer particles, these “hot spots” disappear, creating less risks of irritation.

Leave on or wash off?

Wash off, or cleansers, formulated with benzoyl peroxide can also be a great alternative for users that negatively react to benzoyl peroxide. Contrary to leave-on products, wash-off formulations are washed away after a few minutes of application. Studies have shown that even a two minute application leads to significantly reduced P.Acnes colonies. As face cleansers are growing more popular among skin care enthusiasts, it is no surprise that this format is becoming more popular.

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

Another advantage of rinse-off formulations is that their application can immediately be followed by a moisturizing treatment. An efficacious treatment should first strengthen the skin barrier function in order to restore the intrinsic protecting properties of the epidermis. Next steps should focus on restoring adequate hydration levels, by using hygroscopic compounds such as ultra-high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (such as Hylasome™ EG10). Finally, non-occlusive natural oils, such as jojoba oil or seabuckthorn oil contributes to creating a protective, yet breathable layer onto skin that will help retain water level and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Curoxyl™ 42 – the patented benchmark for anti-acne benzoyl peroxide

Vantage™ has worked with leading anti-acne product manufacturers to create a stable, pre-dispersed grade of USP-compliant benzoyl peroxide. Using a proprietary process, our scientists have developed Curoxyl™ 42, an ultra-fine dispersion of benzoyl peroxide that can easily be adopted by brands to address a broad range of acne-related conditions. Curoxyl™ 42 is especially recommended to decrease the risk of inflammatory reactions following the application of a benzoyl peroxide-based treatment.

A clinical study using Human Repeat Insult Patch Test that compared the irritation potential of Curoxyl™ 42 and traditional benzoyl peroxide has revealed that the use of Curoxyl™ 42 significantly decreases the risk of inflammatory reaction among populations that are considered to have sensitive skin.

Curoxyl 42 benxoyl peroxide reduces skin irritation for anti-acne treatments

As the rising popularity for face cleansers fuels the rapid growth of anti-acne treatments that combine efficacy and respect for sensitive skin, Vantage™ helps formulators creates better skin care routines with a high level of consumer adoption.

curoxyl benzoyl peroxide is the best in class benzoyl peroxide grade for anti-acne treatments

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