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Vantage partners with federal, state, and local safety regulators, including the U.S. EPA, Illinois EPA, and local authorities to operate safely. In particular, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires Vantage to comply with its Process Safety Management standards, which includes 14 elements/requirements, from comprehensive hazard assessments and employee trainings to on-site inspections.
As part of, and in addition to, compliance with these regulations and standards, Vantage has invested in equipment to keep its plant, workers, and the surrounding community safe. This includes:
  • Air monitors throughout the plant to detect if levels of gas are reaching unsafe levels. If so, the plant automatically shuts down.
  • A powerful deluge (sprinkler system) that suppresses vapors.
  • Automated process controls as well as one-button shutdown capabilities that keep our manufacturing process operating safely and shutdown equipment to a safe state should any unplanned event occur.
  • Our Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Program utilizes a 3rd party to check the entire system each month for any leaks. If leaks are detected, they are repaired immediately.
  • Vantage employs an automated system that tracks every ingredient that enters the EO process, allowing us to detect, in real time, if there is a problem in the plant.
  • We have rigorous internal maintenance procedures for inspections, with regular checks for every component of the EO system.
  • Emergency response plan reviewed and updated annually.
  • Workforce well trained for handling of EO through routine drills and continuing education.
  • We are in regular communication with the Gurnee Fire Department, Gurnee Police Department and Lake County Emergency Management Agency.
  • The Gurnee Fire Department, Gurnee Police Department and Lake County Emergency Management Agency are offered to visit, tour, and train at Vantage’s Gurnee plant annually. Each agency reviews Vantage’s emergency response plan.
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