Lumisorb™ PSMO-20 NGM

EU compliant Non-GMO emulsifier for baked goods, shortenings, confectionary coatings , dairy and non-dairy food products.

Main Properties
ApplicationsCalf Milk Replacements, Icing and Icing Mixes, Vitamin Premixes, Margarine, Whipped Oil Toppings, Gelatin Desserts and Mixes, Cultures, Shortenings, Ice Cream, Cakes and Cake Mixes, Flavors
FunctionsProcess Aid, Emulsifier, Solubilizer, Stabilizer
BenefitsNon-GMO, FCC, Prevent Decrystalization, Allergern-Free, Kosher for Passover, Increase Shelf-Life, Reduce Fat, Modify Texture, PCR Negative, Increase Volume
Markets Oils Shortening and Margarine , Animal Nutrition , Confection
Chemical TypePolysorbate
Additional Properties
Chemical DescriptionPolysorbate 80
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