Thriftee Gold Release

Thriftee Gold Release is a unique blend of vegetable oils and specially processed, extremely fine corn flower solids formulated for smooth consistency, excellent coverage, and efficient pan release. This corn flour-based release agent’s effective design provides release for the most challenging cake formulations and stickiest products. The fine particle size of corn flour solids coupled with the smooth texture provides uniform distribution that can be applied by various kinds of cake pan greasers. The versatility of this product is not limited to cakes. Thriftee Gold Release can be used as a slab dressing to prevent sticking during candy production. Its overall stability and smooth texture results in more efficient machine applications. 
Main Properties
ApplicationsCake, Candy
FunctionsRelease Agents
Markets Bakery , Confection
Additional Properties
PackagingDrums, Totes, Bulk Tank Trucks, Pails
Physical FormLiquid Paste
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