InstaPlump™ VA

INCI Name: Octyldodecanol (and) Quaternium-90 Bentonite (and) Propylene Carbonate (and) Methyl Nicotinate (and) Caffeine (and) Niacin

InstaPlump™ is an advanced technology that features a lip plumping complex containing ingredients that enhance
the appearance of lips for instant volumizing and warming effects. It is available in gel or liquid form (InstaPlump™ VA and InstaPlump™ LQ, respectively).
Main Properties
ApplicationsLipsticks, Lip Glosses, Lip Balms, Lip Pomades
FunctionsPlumping Effect, Lip Smoothing, Reduced Lipstick Feathering
BenefitsFuller-Looking Lips, Noticeable Warming, Unique Sensory Experience,
Markets Color Cosmetics
Additional Properties
Use Level4-20%
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